Traditional Cuisine

Sustainability begins with a healthy and natural diet. Ataraxia uses fresh and local food that grows in the local fields reinforcing the feeling for this special place of nature.

Traditional polish cuisine

Polish cuisine has developed into a very versatile cuisine over the centuries due to its Polish history and has many similarities with the neighboring Czech and Slovak and German culinary traditions.

Although Polish cuisine has traditionally been rich in meat, we also focus on offering vegetarian and vegan dishes such as sour cucumber soup, beetroot dishes and a variety of rice and pasta combinations.

Enjoy with us the centuries of good food, from the famous flaki from the Middle Ages, King Jogaila’s favorite dish, to some Mediterranean recipes that Bona Sforza (the second wife of Sigismund I of Poland) brought to Poland, such as for example pickled Polish-style cucumbers, a strong bigos (hunter’s stew), trout, grayling, fresh and smoked fish, not to mention fresh fruit and chestnuts.

Pierogi, probably the most famous dish of Polish cuisine, is served as well as the modern Zapiekanka, a baguette with melted cheese, meat, mushrooms, onions and ketchup .

On special request, you can book a traditional Polish Christmas dinner or an Easter breakfast with us.

Please indicate your wishes when making your reservation request.